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$44.2 Million Boardwalk Re-Build Begins

Two days ago, on April 27th, people of Long Beach gathered together again to celebrate the re-birth of the Boardwalk. Almost 4 months after the demolition ceremony, spirits are high as the 2.2 mile stretch of boardwalk begins to shape into a reality. Not everyone is celebrating however. Some see the enormous budget as a […]

What are people saying??

I am all DONE (with the coding that is)! Before I continue I want to recap our overall data collection process: a)      Three researchers were each given a month on the Long Beach NY, Hurricane Information page (my month is January) b)      I took a screenshot of each individual post in my month (including comments, […]

First Look at the Data

Our project is finally beginning to take shape: We have DATA! I have focused my data collection on the month of January. Below are graphs representing the trends I have seen throughout this month. Much of this level of analysis aligns with my expectation. However, there are a few surprises! Let’s check it out: Graph […]

The Colors of Long Beach?

Three months later, this project continues to intrigue me. Again and again, my expectations are challenged. Now that I have entered the later stages of analysis, I am continually surprised by the overwhelming solidarity present on this particular FB page. In the midst of this solidarity, one nagging thought persists: where does race and ethnicity […]

A Tribute to the Boardwalk

I am a stranger to the Long Beach Boardwalk. In fact, when I first began this project I had no idea the boardwalk existed. An extreme faux pas, to be sure. I know now, precisely, how emblematic the boardwalk is for the community of Long Beach. Yet, my little knowledge of the boardwalk sure set […]

The not so cheery side of social media

Social Media leads to confusion and scams After a disaster, the disturbed normalcy provides opportunities for disorder and emergent deviance. The urgency of a disaster facilitates the spread of information, but a significant portion of that information is incorrect or misleading. Misleading photos quickly went viral: “the photo of the service members at Arlington National […]

Social Media: The New Emergency Response

           Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr. All social media. All phenomenal resources for many during Hurricane Sandy. It is unbelievable how social media slowly crept (creeps…is creeping) into our lives. These sites are changing our world. We can communicate with infinite more people worldwide…instantly! The increasing inclusion of social media networks in […]

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