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The Inadequacy of Government Aid: A Case Study of Long Beach after Sandy

For my final research paper, the outcome of all of this work, I looked at government response as opposed to community response to establish whether there was some sort of correlation between the two.  I hypothesized that, by looking at community response, one could understand where the government fell short or needs to increase aid. In […]

Research Paper Abstract: The Politics of Recovery

The time is coming for me to work on my final research paper.  After much debate, I have decided that I would like to compare government aid and community-based aid.  In doing so I hope to identify any disparities between the two types of aid and theorize on why these are significant. I will do […]

Whats it all mean? Breakdown of variables by code

Last week I looked at frequency of variables for the month of December (below), today I am going to break down the categorical variables a little further to look at the major content of each category. In this post I will break down Information Sharing, Solidarity/Community, Information Seeking, and Memory.  I will not, however, look […]

Data Data Data: Interesting FB Findings

We have finally finished the arduous task of coding and putting variables on our data and can now look at the actual trends the data reveals; and let me say there is some pretty cool stuff for December!  The first thing I looked at was a general breakdown of the major categories of posts to see what […]

Kids in Long Beach

Found this post and wanted to share it.  I think it is amazing how even children this young realize how important it is to help others in Long Beach

Rebuilding is Underway!

Photo courtesy of Susan Carlson

Lost Puppy! A Look at Long Beach’s Pet Rescue

One of our readings this week, “A Study of Pet Rescue in Two Disasters”, found that 20% of pet-owning households failed to take their pet with them and 80% of these people reentered the evacuated area to find their pet later on.  The paper argued that because of the dangers of reentering an evacuated area […]

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