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The Second Shift, Emotional Labor, and Hurricane Sandy

When I decided I wanted to focus on women’s roles after Hurricane Sandy for my final paper, I tried doing some research on women and natural disasters.  Much to my surprise, there was limited scholarship on this topic. In fact, most of the disaster literature addresses life expectancy and violence against women. Because there is […]

Women’s Second Shift

Ever since I started this research project, I knew what I wanted to write about for my final paper.  I realized that my paper should address how women and men engage in community building on the “Long Beach, NY Hurricane Information” page because I have consistently been interested in this theme throughout my research. However, […]

Codes in relation to Genre

In my last blog post, I provided data regarding the presence of certain genres in our research. I did not mention, however, that we further categorized each overarching genre through the use of codes. Our codes consisted of Aid, Donations, Resilience, Devastation, Damages, Memories, Business, Disaster Mythology, Obama, Weather, Katrina Institutions, Landmarks, Events, Schools, Planning […]

A Closer Look

In previous blog posts, I mentioned that I was in the midst of coding and identifying variables for individual posts on the “Long Beach, NY Hurricane Sandy Information” Facebook page. Now that I have completed this component of my research, I want to share my results! At one of our first research meetings, I was […]

Bruised, But Not Broken

When I think about bruises, the first image that comes to mind are bluish/purplish marks on the skin or brown, mushy areas on fruits or vegetables.  I really have never consider using the word “bruised” to describe any other context.  However, my visit to Long Beach a few weeks ago illuminated my perception of bruises. […]

Gendered Division of Labor in Natural Disasters

            As a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major, I am interested in learning about the challenges that women face in today’s society.  I often find myself trying to draw connections between gender and disaster in our research study regarding Hurricane Sandy and Long Beach victims.  Because our research is based […]

Evacuation Expectations

I had really never given much thought as to what drives people to evacuate during natural disasters.  For the most part, I just accepted that some people choose to evacuate and others do not. However, after reading Kirstin Dow and Susan L. Cutter’s essay, “Crying Wolf: Repeat Responses to Hurricane Evacuation Orders,” I began to […]

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